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Q: What is the width between the poles?
A: 18".

Q: Can the spacing be interchangeable?
A: Except for the top shelf that has the metal discs mounted to, you can interchange the other shelves.

Q: What is the weight capacity of each shelf and the whole unit?
A: Each shelf can hold up to 220 pounds and the whole unit will hold 350 pounds.

Q: Can one shelf be taken off if it is needed?
A: Yes. Except for the top shelf, you can take out any other shelf. If necessary, you can connect the two section poles together to make a big spacing in-between.

Q: Can additional shelf be added on later?
A: Definitely.

Q: Is it possible to have different spacing configuration other than the listed?
A: Yes. Except for the top shelf, you can get the three available spacing poles at additional surcharge.