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Q: What is the clearance between each shelf?
A: The clearance between bottom shelves (top of the shelf to bottom of the frame) is 9" and it is 7" between next shelves. Besides, there is about 1 1/8" frame spacing in-between.

Q: What is the opening/width clearance between the poles?
A: The clearance is 20".

Q: What is depth from pole to pole?
A: It is 17".

Q: Can additional shelf be added to this unit?
A: Yes. You can add either 7" or 9" height additional shelf.

Q: What is weight capacity of this unit and each shelf?
A: The total weight capacity of this unit is 350 pounds. Each shelf can support 200 pounds.

Q: What is the diameter of the poles?
A: It is 1 1/2" diameter.

Q: How to fill sand or metal bits?
A: Before you screw the spikes on, fill it with sand or metal bits. Screw the spikes on and turn the unit over.

Q: What is the shelf made of?
A: It is made of MDF (medium density fiber) board and it is very strong. Black shelf is power coated. Color shelf is laminated with a clear coating for protection.

Q: What is the frame made of?
A: The frame is made of steel with powder paint.